Sports News Without Access, Favor, Or Discretion Now Selling You More Stuff, for which we pay $110 annually, introduced a new feature on its games yesterday: House ads for, played in-between innings, imploring fans to "keep watching." Well, OK, we'll keep watching, as long as you promise the games are coming back on. They are, right? OK, cool: The watching shall continue.

Anyway, the video/commercial thing features Scott Rolen and some other players telling people to continue their viewing habits; we also saw a commercial to a Yahoo music show or something. Each of these allow you to click from the actual page to whatever they're endorsing, which is nifty, one supposes, if you can stomach the fact that you're paying $110 annually to watch commercials. (Even HBO doesn't make you do that.)


All that said, it's not like the "break in action" graphic was providing that much pure joy and entertainment, and we certainly have to sit through tons of local ads on the MLB Extra Innings package. (You have no idea what kind of weird shit they sell in Houston.) Most of our lives as sports fans are spent dodging the endless onslaught of advertising. Why should be any different?

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