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MLB Would Like You To Stop Enjoying Their Product So Much

Lots of discussion the last few days about fantasy baseball statistics, who owns them and whether Major League Baseball is clueless, a bunch of jerks or both. Basically, baseball wanted to force any fantasy game companies to pay them a licensing fee just to use their stats, and a St. Louis judge said "No way." Our favorite quote was from Daniel Okrent, former public editor for The New York Times and one of the founders of Rotisserie baseball (and never got a dime for his efforts): "The only thing that saddens me about it is that there won't be a public trial, during which MLB's incredible greed would have been on public display."

So, baseball's licking its wounds and moving on, right? Not a chance. They're appealing the decision, claiming, absurdly, that they truly own the statistics from their games. It's nice when a corporation is so open and blatant about pissing in the eye of its customers. Such forthrightness is almost appreciated.


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(And yes, that is our current fantasy league standings. We are the Green Wave, and we are comfortably in first place. Thank you Adam Dunn, Alfonso Soriano, Jonathan Papelbon and Matt Holliday.)

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