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It’s been a few months since we’ve checked in on Sage Northcutt, the UFC action figure last seen turning into beef jerky before fighting some French guy in February. After winning that match, Northcutt said he was sick of cutting weight to fight at 155 pounds, so when he made his return to the cage this past weekend, he also went back up to welterweight. Northcutt looked much more comfortable and powerful at 170 pounds, though Zak Ottow did knock him down as soon as the fight started.


Sage recovered, and in the second round, he mashed Ottow with an oddly powerful jab. Ottow rolled around for a bit, grabbed Northcutt’s ankle, and left his head open for a hail of hammerfists, which knocked him out.

After his first UFC win at welterweight, Northcutt talked a bit about how “words are powerful” because he believed in himself when he promised to KO Ottow, before intoning, “I think that we all got to have respect for each other. And we could all be more careful with the things we say. But I’m so excited, thanks you guys!” Truly inspiring stuff from the Saved by the Bell extra.

Then he got drug tested again in Boise.

Staff writer, Deadspin

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