MMA Sets New Standard For Horrific Leg Breaks (Update)

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If seeing a human leg bone turned into a floppy piece of wet linguine is at all upsetting to you, you should probably just skip to another post.

UFC fighter Corey Hill was fighting Dale Hartt in a special "Fight For the Troops" event last night, when he tried a low sweeping kick with his right leg. Hartt threw his own knee up to defend himself, and the next thing you know Hill's leg looked like Gumby after getting roughed up by a mop ringer. I'm pretty certain that shin bones are not supposed to stretch that much.


I know what you're thinking, and no. That picture has not been doctored. Here's a Joe Rogan video that (sorta) proves it.

Hill could not go on (duh!) and Hartt won by TKO. And some where in Maryland, Joe Theismann feels a great disturbance in the Force.


And just for good measure ... animated GIF!


UPDATE: The most disturbing version yet:

Corey Hill suffers broken leg in loss to Dale Hartt at UFC Fight Night 16 (Pic) [MMA Mania]