'Mo Money Problems

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Last week, Floyd Mayweather makes, and apologizes for, a video about yellow sushi. This week, video captures him walking away from the Clark County, Nev. Detention Center after spending a little Friday time on a grand-larceny charge that ...

... stems from personal items Mayweather took from ex-girlfriend Josie Harris' house Thursday morning, including her cell phone.

Police have not arrested Mayweather for misdemeanor domestic violence because an arrest must be made within 24 hours of the crime. After that, the case must be submitted to the district attorney's office for review. Capt. Brett Zimmerman, who oversees the Crimes Against Youth and Family Bureau, said police will submit their case to prosecutors.

"Josie can't find her iPhone," [Mayweather attorney Richard] Wright said. "We're attempting to find it or replace it. He did not commit grand larceny. We expect that to be resolved." [Las Vegas Review-Journal]


Charming mugshot and all, but whatever.

This is from 50, who really don't play that "Blaming Mayweather" shit ...


Case closed.