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Mo Vaughn, Still Pickin' 'Em Up And Settin' 'Em Down

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We always liked former Red Sox first whaleman Mo Vaughn, if just because of his always-refreshing honest about where he spent his spare time: strip clubs. (We'll just say reporters always knew where to find him when they needed a quote.)

Well, the lovely lasses at On The DL have dug up some more recent Mo Vaughn-loving-the-ladies photos, and we have a couple of thoughts:

1. Somehow Mo Vaughn just doesn't look right without women hanging off of him. We're not sure why.
2. We wouldn't think it possible that someone of Mo Vaughn's girth could going to double in size after retirement, but apparently it has happened. We hope this doesn't happen to David Ortiz.


Time To Party Up In Here [On The DL]

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