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It must have stung Bulgarian goaltender Nikolay Mihailov when his Playmate model girlfriend dumped him for a notorious mob boss—but it probably stings even more when the mob boss decides to attack you with acid.


Mihailov was dating Nikoleta Lozanova—who it is surprisingly difficult to find a SFW photo of—but she traded up to local godfather Georgi "The Head" Stoilov. Mihailov moved on, finding his own new lady friend (also a Bulgarian Playmate! How convenient) that he compared very favorably to his old squeeze. That was a big mistake.

Mihailov allegedly joked to local media that if his new girlfriend was a Ferrari, Nikoleta must be a broken down Trabant from the old East Germany.

The next day, Mihailov woke to find that his Ferrari had suffered £17,000 worth of damage following an acid attack that had destroyed the car's paintwork.


Hmmm. That's probably just a coincidence, huh? (At least it was an actual Ferrari and not the new girlfriend that was covered in acid.) Mihailov, who is the son of Bulgaria's greatest soccer "legend", is now in hiding, presumably to avoid ending up like Harvey Dent.

Remember, kids, when a Bulgarian mob boss steals your girlfriend ... just let it go.

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