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Mock Drafts Are Of No Interest To Joey Dorsey

Memphis forward Joey Dorsey does not share the popular view that Greg Oden is very good at basketball. Dorsey intends to show the world tonight that Greg Oden is, for lack of a better word, his bitch.

CBS Sportsline's Gregg Doyel (I hope it's OK to link to Doyel without any insults or irony) asked an innocuous little question of Dorsey at the post-game press conference, and from this little question poured Joey Dorsey's rage.

"I think (scouts) really will be watching this game tomorrow night because it's two great big men going up against each other. I'm an underrated big man and he's a lot overrated as a big man."

"I outrebounded him on the season. I'm the No. 6 rebounder in the nation, and I'm trying to move up to No. 1 after this game."


He didn't stop there. Later, in an individual interview, Dorsey just couldn't help himself.

"[Oden]'s a lot like me. He gets his head out of the game when he picks up quick fouls."

"I'm Goliath, he's the little man."

"He doesn't want to stay in the paint. He just wants to post up. I watched a couple games. He's not really playing in the paint. He likes to help-side (defend) and block shots. I haven't seen him against a great player play great defense."

I hope it's not rude of me to point out that Goliath got his ass whooped.

But thank you, Joey Dorsey. That's one more little subplot to add to the drama tonight. Should Dorsey in fact dominate Oden tonight, and lead Memphis to a victory over Ohio State, I really hope that will comfort him when Oden still gets drafted #1 overall.


Memphis' Dorsey wrote this for Ohio State's bulletin board [CBS News]

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