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Momma Werth Just Don't Know

The Slanch Report caught Orestes Destrade getting a little distracted during the replay of the Phillies-Brewers contest on Thursday's Baseball Tonight. The objet du distraction: Jayson Werth's mother,.

Destrade goes onto to describe her as "young looking" between fapping noises and hoping Werth hits more homers so they can keep cutting away to his mom.

According to Werth's wikipedia page his mom, Kim, was quite the athlete in her day, participating in the Olympic trials for the 100 meter and the long jump. Also, her father and uncle were both Major Leaguers, Werth's birth father was a minor leaguer and her current husband, Dennis Werth, played 3 years of big league ball, so she's a baseball gal through and through.


Well, that's settles it. Destrade need only draw coverage for the next Cougar Track Meet and forget about all this unnecessary baseball stuff.

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