You are sitting on your porch, enjoying a wonderful day watching nothing at all in particular happen in your front yard. You sip your drink and watch your wife as she pulls the laundry off the line. A wind chime sounds. You feel the breeze across your face but it is not the pleasant kind. Leaves rustle and the dog barks. You look to the horizon and it is pitch black. You see the electrical charges illuminating the blackness and feel the ground tremble soon after.

There is still time for it to change course, a chance it won't consume you entirely. But that chance is slim and each second spent hoping against hope, it gets closer. Usually these storms don't come until November, December; but this one is early. Weatherman was said it would be early this year, but you didn't listen. You didn't believe. Now it's almost here and you're standing totally unprepared, with your pants down. That fucking dog is fucking barking.

They say New York hasn't seen a storm like this since, well, before you or I ever got here. There's still a chance though. There's always a chance. Please, please let there be a chance.

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