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Entering the 2016 season, Mookie Betts had 23 career home runs in 197 games of work. Through the first 52 games of this season, he has 12 already, three of which came tonight as he helped the Red Sox beat the Orioles, 6-2. Impressively, he sent pitches to left, right, and center fields tonight.

Betts didn’t waste any time getting started on his historic evening, sending the second pitch of the game 433 feet into center field. (Mobile readers, check it).

Dustin Pedroia followed him up with a dong, then Betts hit a teeny tiny dinger to the left field pole the next inning. (If you’re on your phone).


Not content to send baseballs to the fans in left and center, Betts slapped his final homer to right. (Phone friends, here ya go).


Betts became the first Red Sox player to hit three home runs from the leadoff spot, and his shots to right field and center field were the first and third of his career to those spots, respectively. The combined distance of his dingers was 1148 feet which is more than the height of:

  • Trump Tower
  • Chrysler Building
  • 153 Yao Mings stacked vertically
  • 199 Mookie Betts stacked vertically
  • Every building in Boston

These are useless comparisons, but still, you get it. Mookie Betts hit the everliving snot out of the ball tonight, and, hell, he even played some highlight reel-worthy defense too.