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Mookie Betts's 13-Pitch Grand Slam At-Bat Is Best Viewed In Its Entirety

Photo: Maddie Meyer (Getty Images)

The best short film of the summer has arrived, and it’s Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts patiently working through a 13-pitch at-bat against Blue Jays pitcher J.A. Happ before socking a grand slam dinger over that big Green Monster in left field. It’s got pathos—Justin Smoak dropping a foul pop-up just a few pitches in. It’s got exhaustion—Happ struggling to get the ball across the plate in his final few deliveries. And it’s got cathartic exhiliration—Mookie’s mighty swing and the celebration that follows.

Here’s the whole dang sequence (trimmed up from its original nine minutes, because I know you have places to be):

Sox won, 6-4, and they’ve now got themselves a 10-game winning streak to go with the best record in baseball.


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