More Empty Rooms Discovered In The Drafty Mansion That Is Terrell Owens' Mind

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It's tough being Terrell Owens. Enemies are everywhere. There are secret documents to be decoded and then left in an isolated mailbox for government agents to pick up. Then there's all the time traveling with Darren Daulton. It's a lot of work.

Paranoid delusion is such an ugly phrase. So let's just say that Owens believes that there is a snitch on the Cowboys who is leaking personal information about him to the media.

"Yeah, that's my main part of frustration," Owens said on Wednesday. "It's like, you want to be part of this team and feel part of it, but it's hard to do that when you feel like there are guys you feel like you don't trust. It's just not happening." Although T.O. has a good idea of who is snitching — "This is not a situation where someone is hiding out in the bushes," he said — he won't confront the suspect until "the time is right."


We have our guesses. We'll leave it to the Cultural Oddsmaker to dole out exact odds on the entire field, but let's just say that Drew Bledsoe has to be on the board at no less than 3-1. And although coach Bill Parcells himself is a huge longshot, wouldn't it be awesome if it was him? We bet it's Vanderjagt, still lurking around Cowboys offices.

Of course, "Dropped on his head as a child" is even money.

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