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More Interesting Than Watching A Royals Game From Behind Home Plate: Books

Here's an esteemed gent in the high-price seats of Kauffman Stadium using a leisurely weeknight at the ballpark to catch up on some reading. Several of you wrote in to make fun of this guy, but I'm a bit reluctant to really go after him; it's the ninth inning of a Royals game (which they were, as usual, losing) and thus his intellectual pursuits are probably far more interesting than whatever's happening on the field.

I can identify. Between 2005 and 2007 I myself brought reading materials to Tropicana Field, using Devil Rays losses as a background for me to deal with my collection of Fast Company back-issues. The stadium was quieter than the Clearwater library, after all. But, then, I was sitting in $3.00 seats ($1.00 on Fridays!) and this guy's ticket in the BATS section cost $246.00. At that price, I'm making the most of my major league experience and paying close attention—but maybe he's reading something really important.


Wait, he's reading Zero Day by David Baldacci? Okay, fuck this guy.

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