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More On Jim Bowden's "Incident"

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So, a follow up on the National GM Jim Bowden DUI arrest last weekend: It appears that Bowden had just left a domestic dispute with his wife Joy Browning ... a dispute pretty clearly lost.

The couple was originally approached at 2:10 a.m. by an officer who saw them arguing, the report said, but they were let go without incident. However, just 12 minutes later, another officer stopped Bowden after he allegedly ran a stop sign.

Bowden refused to take a breathalyzer test, the report said, an action that, under Florida law, means his license will automatically be suspended in the state. Officers cited the smell of alcohol on Bowden's breath and wrote that he had "bloodshot eyes, glassy eyes, flush red face and slurred speech." He failed a field sobriety test. They also noticed he had scratches on his cheek and a cut on one ear, and approached Browning, who was seated in the car. An officer attempted to place Browning, 36, under arrest for domestic violence, and when she allegedly refused to get out of the car or put down her cellphone, she also was charged with resisting arrest.


That's right, folks: We're nearing Tawny Kitaen country. Even better, as Cardinals Diaspora points out, Browning is an "actress" as well, starring in, uh, a couple of "movies." So not only was Bowden all likkered up ... he was getting scratched up by his wife, too. Not a good time for Mr. Bowden these days.

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