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More info on the guy who ran on the field Sunday to spread his mother's ashes on Lincoln Financial Field, thanks to the suddenly sports-huge folks at The Smoking Gun. Turns out his name is Christopher Noteboom, also known as "Chip," and he cuts a mean mugshot.


The guy is already starting to become a bit of a hero; we saw CNN profiling him this morning. We don't have the name of the bar he owns in Phoenix, but we're told he used to own the Tilted Stick bar in San Diego, which, from the looks of the place, seems like our kind of joint. That's also supposedly him in the picture, looking like an amiable sort ... like the type of guy who would serve Greg Gall a drink! They must have cooked this up together.

Noteboom: My mother has always said if she died before seeing an Eagles game, she wanted her ashes spread on the field. I'd probably have to run on the field and do it when no one was looking.
Gall: Rock! Totally great idea! (Sprints out the door, catches flight to Cincinnati, steals ball from Brett Favre, returns to bar.)

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