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We had a grand time this past weekend at the Atlanta Pants Party this weekend, and watching Brandon Webb extend that scoreless innings streak was put a small part. And there are more coming, fellow humans.

First, a note: Kevin Bartner, the kind soul who organized the Atlanta party, deserves a medal (and some money). He bought the 25 tickets to the game, for everyone who said they were coming, and then a few people didn't show, and the tickets added up. If you were someone who told him you were coming, and then didn't make it, it might be nice to send him a note and, maybe, a check. That's the first time that's happened, and it's never fun.


That shouldn't happen at any of the next three shindigs.

Miami. August 31. It's Labor Day Weekend, it's Marlins-Phillies, it's South Florida. Plus, inexplicably, Dan LeBatard is somehow playing a part. We don't understand it either. We feel bad about missing this one, but you shouldn't.

Baltimore. September 8. It's Orioles-Red Sox, so you know what the dominant fanbase will be. Those from Baltimore can just show, and for those from DC, transportation will be provided. We can't make this one either, but man, that sounds like a grand time.

Seattle. September 15. It's Mariners-Devil Rays (woo!), with an Ohio State-Washington college football game the next day. We're gonna be at this one, with all the Nirvana shirts we can find.

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