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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

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"Another fad of that has probably gone about two life cycles past its peak: parachuting balls or flags into stadiums. At first it was mildly interesting; then, parachutists started showing up at the wrong place altogether; finally, they started getting tangled in wires and making spectators fear for their safety. And in truth, Americans may already have gotten off this fashion train, but in Europe, sadly, the trend lag cost one French skydiver his life." [The Sporting Blog] • Blogger fights are so lame. But if you're inclined to read a pithy exchange between the guys at Bar Stool Sports and the guys at The Dirty, here you go. [Bar Stool Sports] • Here they go. If Boston wins again, we'll have to listen more of this for another year. They must be stopped. "Since the end of 2003, the Red Sox have won two World Series championships, while the Yankees haven’t even made a return trip. We all know about the 2004 Red Sox and their triumph over the Yanks, coming back in the ALCS after being down three-games to one." [COED Magazine]


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