Domo arigato Hiroki Kuroda: Almost perfect. But, alas, the Dodgers' rookie pitcher gave up one hit, 0 BBs, on the way to a 3-0 victory over the Atlanta Braves last night. Says a starstruck Joe Torre: "That was about as machine and robotic as you've ever seen a pitcher throw one strike after another." [Blue Notes]

Mike And The Mad Dog Get Their Bodies Analyzed: There's still no official word on the fate of the "The Mike And The Mad Dog" radio show, although recent reports suggest the two are close to ending their relationship. Mike And The Mad Blog can't wait that long. They want answers now. So to figure out the fate of their loudmouthed heroes, they called in "The Babe Ruth Of Body Language Experts", Patti Wood, to analyze their on-air interaction for some clues. Her conclusion?" I think Mike is over it (the show). His ego is too big. And Russo is just clueless to how much it affects Mike." [Mike And The Mad Blog]

An ode to Ricky Nolasco: The Florida Marlins are still hanging around the National League East and a big part of their success has been starting pitcher Ricky Nolasco. Icy Hot Sensations breaks down his success in a most amusing fashion: "Then, after spending about 20 minutes at the party where I knew few people, observing multiple partygoers stepping into the bathroom for 30 seconds and coming out noticeably excited, being thoroughly sketched out with half the party being early 20’s people and the other half being people in their 40’s-50’s accompanied by ladies 20 years younger, I decided to ask what was the fucking deal. My friend informed me that it was her friend’s father’s house, that he was kinda into drugs, and that all the older guys were his dealers and their girlfriends. They started shooting fireworks at each other and the cars driving down the street..." What? Yeah. It's a long intro. [Icy Hot Sensations]

Floyd Mayweather has an active dislike for Oscar de la Hoya: Floyd Mayweather is not a fan of Oscar de la Hoya. (Maybe Oscar sprayed him with champagne?) And to prove just how much Floyd dislikes him, he offered this message to the Golden Boy in an upcoming boxing documentary: "Oscar De La Hoya, (expletive) you and (expletive) everything you stand for. I don’t like you, you don’t like me." [Larry Brown Sports]