Pop your En Vogue tape in the Aiwa, kids, and head on over to Scottie Pippen's estate sale in Highland Park, where you can buy (seriously) some Rubbermaid receptacles full of literally priceless worthless keepsakes.

We notice within the clump "Iggy the Iguana" (I miss mine) plus a ton of other Beanies I'll pretend I can't name. And Pippen, always conscious of his investments' market value, evidently kept tabs on his Beanies' worth with some collectible guides. That's Jordan-style savvy.

Pippen sold this mansion, in Highland Park, Ill., recently—it was on the market in 2007—and is now trying to sell his mansion in Fort Lauderdale.

He may or may not be broke, just like he may or may not have hurt some little people.


UPDATE: Emailer Jeff writes in with the inside scoop.

Jack Dickey, get your facts straight. Deadspin is usually on with their facts but this story is not true. I live in Highland Park, IL and have basically grown up in the house that is selling those beanie babies. Scottie Pippen did love there but moved out in '95 when my friend moved in with her family. The two girls who sold the house are having the estate sale, not Pippen. People should go though to get a chance to buy a HOFers possessions because he sold the house fully furnished to my friends family and alot of the stuff is still in it. They are selling signed jerseys, balls, shirts and hats. The best part of the house is the signed door to the indoor half court gym.



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