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Motel For Stray Dogs Near Sochi Has Roughly 100 Occupants

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The majority of news regarding the stray dogs roaming around Sochi has been dismal. A company was hired to cull them, but it hasn't done that well, and now these dogs are just chilling everywhere as the Olympics start. Not exactly the most uplifting situation. But there's refuge for some of them!


Thanks to the generosity of a billionaire named Oleg Deripaska and compassionate volunteers, there's a dog hostel set up in nearby Barakova, currently sheltering around 100 pooches. The good boys and girls get to roam around in makeshift pens, eating and sleeping without disturbing anyone. Aw.


Realistically, though, the dog problem isn't solved; the inevitable is merely being drawn out. After the games end, the shelter will likely shut down. From Dan Wolken of USA Today, whose article also has excellent photos of the shelter and pups:

"The mayor made this shelter just to show that picture so that you could see and believe it like fools," Gontareva Ekaterina, a retiree and animal activist, said through an interpreter. "It's not going to change anything. They're not doing this for the animals. People just want to eat and sleep good."

Not everyone's that cynical. Nadya Mayboroda is taking care of 16 dogs on her property and while she knows it's a temporary solution, she plans to take care of the animals even after the Olympics conclude.

So, we have three weeks to figure out how to kill the fewest amount of dogs. A suggestion: Give one to each athlete and journalist after the Olympics end and say it's part of a gift bag. You're welcome.


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Photo: AP

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