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Motivational Stories From Kentucky Little League

This one-legged wonder featured in the photo above is 8-year-old Adam Bender, who has one leg (obviously) and, apparently, may still have a higher OPS than Richie Sexson will this year.

Losing his leg as a one-year-old to cancer, Bender's pretty much lived a normal life and plays baseball, soccer and football. He's a catcher on his baseball team, resting on his one good knee and then, as this photographic evidence proves, stands up at the plate, hits the ball, and hops down to first as quickly as possible.


At first, his parents were skeptical about his athletic desire and considered the consequences of letting their son participate in these activities. But, of course, his mom just shoved him out into the two-legged world, hoping to inject her son with a little mental toughness and character:

I thought his spirit might be crushed if he got out every time. Then I thought, who am I to micromanage his feelings? He's going to have to learn how to deal with this stuff.

Make sure you watch the video on the sidebar of the link, where you see Adam get a hit, slide into second, and get involved in a collision at home plate.

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