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Starting Colts CB Nick Harper is listed as questionable for the Steelers game after his wife allegedly sank a knife in his knee. The Colts, with more of the deception that Joey Porter so loathes, initially tried to pawn it off as a "traffic accident." Hamilton County Sheriff Doug Carter begged to differ.

"There was not an accident," the sherrif said. He said that Harper and his wife had a fight, and he might've called the Colts big fat liars, but I can't confirm that.

On the fight, I think you'd have to agree that Mrs. Harper won. Or, at the very least, she took round 2. Mr. Harper took round 1 back in June when he was arrested for allegedly hitting her.

Anyway, the little missus has been jailed on charges of battery with a deadly weapon and criminal recklessness. Mr. Harper took some stitches in the knee, is listed as questionable for the biggest game of his life and, I'd have to imagine, will not be thrilled about explaining this one to Tony Dungy this morning.


I just hate to think about what this is doing to Lil' Ronnie. His next single will probably be much darker. It's always the kids who get hurt.