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Mr. Whammy Says LeBron Complained To NBA Security About Him

Mr. Whammy (real name: Bruce Reznick) is a 79-year-old Nets superfan who has had season tickets for nearly two decades. When opposing players take free throws he walks down from his seats to right below the basket and follows a very specific yelling and waving routine to try and make them miss. He claims, at the start of a short Grantland documentary, that "nobody in history, in my opinion, unless they can show me different, has blocked more foul shots than I. Nobody."

In last night's 106-98 win over the Cavaliers, Mr Whammy was apparently so annoying—which is the same thing as being successful for him—that LeBron James complained about him to NBA security, or so says Mr. Whammy. Asked about it after the game, James had nothing to say. Via the New York Daily News:

Asked after the game if he instructed security to remove Mr. Whammy, James — who had 24 points and nine assists — stared blankly at a reporter as he iced both feet in a small container before a Cavs official fired off, "Next question."


Silence is not an admission of guilt, of course, but the Daily News also reports confirmation from an NBA security official that the Cavs complained "about Mr. Whammy's presence so close to the court and asked that he go back to his seat." Predictably, Mr. Whammy had heated words for James:

"LeBron is a crybaby. I know it was him that asked the security to make me move. He doesn't like that I make him miss. He thinks he's more powerful than anyone in the NBA."

With the Nets win, Mr. Whammy got the last laugh, and made sure to rub it in. Via the New York Times:

With seconds left before the buzzer, Reznick walked from his seat over to a group of seated reporters and whispered, "You don't mess with the Whammy."


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