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MSU's Dillon Day​​ Suspended For Stomping Shit Out Of Two LSU Players

Per Brett McMurphy, the SEC has suspended Mississippi State senior center Dillon Day for one game for "multiple flagrant and unsportsmanlike acts," after he performed flying stomps to the guts and groin areas of two LSU players on Saturday.


On top of the stomps in the video, Day received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for a late hit. He also has a history of stomping, having received a half-game suspension for doing it to an Auburn player last year. So it's no wonder that LSU formally complained to the SEC about Day's actions this week.

For his part, Day posted a letter to his Twitter account denying that either of Saturday's stomps were intentional:

Wrote Day,

On the first one, it was just me running down the field to try to make a play. I made contact with the defender and I released him to not draw another penalty as I hustled to the ball. Dak hit the hole and I kept running to him hoping he would break a tackle and once I realized he was down, I was going too fast at 300 pounds to stop. I had all that momentum running, and I tried to clear the pile after not being able to stop. I jumped and the defender rolled where I was coming down at. I had no chance to stop.

On the second clip, it was a similar situation. It was a play where I was hustling to the ball hoping we didn't fumble, but if we did I would be able to recover it, and if he broke loose I would be there to protect him and possibly make a block. I was running full speed to the ball and once I saw him completely down I tried to pull up and the momentum carried me across the pile. When I jumped to clear the pile, the ball carrier's momentum carried the tackle forward. I misjudged the distance and didn't know where I was gong to land.

The SEC didn't buy it. Day will miss the Bulldogs' next game, at home for Texas A&M on Oct 4.