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A fun site is Morristache, the site that dares to celebrate both the glory that is Adam Morrison's mustache, and the mustache in general. One thing bothers us, however. Morristache includes a Hall of Fame section, in which such luminary mustaches as Rollie Fingers and Tom Selleck are included. But, neither Keith Hernandez nor Reggie Jackson are in there. Yes, shocking.

Both of course are mustache pioneers, and to keep them out would be a true injustice. So we hereby begin our campaign to get Jackson and Hernandez into the Morristache Hall of Fame. In fact, we made a list of what we think the next Hall of Fame class should be. And if the site ignores our entreaties, well, we may just have to start a Mustache Hall of Fame of our own.


A potential prospective 2007 Hall of Fame 2007 class:

Reggie Jackson.

Keith Hernandez.


Dan Quisenberry.

A.J. Daulerio.

Stuart Scott.


David Hirshey.

• Write-in candidate.

Good luck to all nominees!

The Mustache Hall Of Fame [Morristache, via True Hoop]

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