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Mutton Wins Again

Is there a bigger mismatch out there than little children vs. surly mutton? Seriously. They're like the Washington Generals on sheepback. Look, kids. Hang it up. You just aren't going to ride that mutton.


The dramatic photo you see here is by Gerald Castillo of the San Marcos Daily Record in San Marcos, Texas. The caption reports:

Mora McGoderd, from Austin, takes a spill during Thursday night's Mutton Bustin' at the VFW rodeo. Despite the looks of things, the girl wasn't seriously injured.

Well, thank goodness little Mora's OK. She lives to not ride another day!

h/t: Tyler


And so ends our coverage of Mutton Bustin' for the day. Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Tomorrow, the Bentern/Idiot Barking Dog tag team. Sunday, Barry Petchesky.


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