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My Conversation With Milton Ahlerich, VP Of NFL Security

Hi, everybody. Just got off the phone with Mr. Ahlerich — nice gentleman, serious gentleman — and we discussed if I'd be willing to cooperate with the NFL's thorough investigation into Brett Favre's sexting habits.


I told him I'd be willing to speak with them but would not give up the source of the material or any other information that would possibly jeopardize the source's anonymity. He understood. I told Mr. Ahlerich that any and all information we have to offer is available on the site and that I'm unwilling to give anything more than that right now. To this, he responded that he's read over what has been on the site many, many times, meaning this poor man in the photo above has been looking at penis pictures for close to a week. Pity him.

Mr. Ahlerich also said that his meeting with Brett Favre yesterday was "even-handed" and that all parties were "well-represented." Then he quickly gave his polite goodbyes and said he appreciated my time, etc.


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