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"My Life Has Become A Walking Train Wreck": Checking In With Sean Salisbury

Things have not been great for the only true foil John Clayton has ever known. Times have been tough, and Salisbury now tells the New York Daily News that he's suffered from depression and low testosterone among other ailments. It all goes back to that whole penis picture business.

"It was a sophomoric thing to do that got me in trouble," Salisbury said. "I deserved to be kicked a little for it. But I didn't deserve to be bludgeoned. The past few years have been a rough, rough time. I hit rock bottom physically, mentally, emotionally and financially all at the same time."


Salisbury is through apologizing for it, though. He told Jeff Pearlman that he's "apologized out." He then claimed to have some dirt on ESPN that he is too noble to release, but not above letting everyone know exists in his diary.

"I kept a journal for 12 years while I was there," Salisbury said. "I've got a best-selling book in my lap if I ever wanted to do it. You know? I've got it sitting right in my back pocket if I ever wanted to. [But] I'm not into taking guys' wives and families away. I'm not into getting guys suspended and taking their careers away."

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Former ESPN personality Sean Salisbury works to overcome depression and health issues in TV comeback bid [NY Daily News; via PFT]

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