As if Garrett wasn’t terrifying enough just being himself.

The 6-foot-4, 272-pound former No. 1 overall pick has been planting real live NFL quarterbacks into the ground all season. He is leading the NFL with 9.5 sacks this season, a full two-sack lead over the player in second place, Tennessee Titans outside linebacker Harold Landry. If checking out the statistics and watching Garrett run down smaller players weren’t scary enough, take a look at him playing basketball.


Garrett might be the first player in NFL history to appear smaller while wearing pads. The bulging traps and shoulders aren’t visible underneath shoulder pads. A person built like that who is also agile enough to have a reliable crossover dribble is likely to make both quarterbacks and offensive tackles tremble.

His Halloween decorations inspired another figure from NFL quarterback’s nightmares to get into the holiday spirit. Hall of Fame defensive end Bruce Smith put his own quarterback graveyard on his property. However, Smith is the all-time leader in sacks with 200 total, which he reminded everyone of by placing a headstone in his yard for every quarterback he sacked during his 19-season NFL career — 76 in total. Maybe that’s why Garrett made sure to put his entire career list on the cape, to show the legend that he has buried quite a few quarterbacks to be only 25 years old.

He likely has a long time left to chase down fear-riddled quarterbacks like a Frankenstein with a Harley Davidson engine. If Garrett goes with this Halloween theme again in a couple of decades, he might have to borrow his neighbor’s yard to fit in all the gravestones and have someone carry the cape like one of those MET Gala gowns that cover the entire red carpet.