Mystery High School Football Field Pooper Turns Out To Be A School Superintendent

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One New Jersey township was having a bit a poop problem recently. Someone was repeatedly taking a dump at the football field and track complex at Holmdel High School. The police said it was happening “on a daily basis.”

So a school cop and others began monitoring the area. Though the pooper eluded them for a while, on Monday the cops finally caught the pooper: A superintendent from a different high school district.


Thomas Tramaglini has been charged with lewdness and littering for his defecation. A report notes he lives about three miles away from Holmdel High, “though it is unclear why he was at the school’s athletic fields at 5:50 a.m. when he was arrested.” I have a guess.

The pooping Tom is on paid leave from his $150k-a-year job as superintendent and will be in court on Monday. The Asbury Park Press notes he’s gotten a lot of support from their readership:

Of the more than 20 comments posted about the story on the Asbury Park Press Facebook site, comments mostly focused on the overwhelming power of nature.

“When ya gotta go ya gotta go,” one comment stated. Another questioned why seniors who urinate in the woods of golf courses don’t face the long arm of the law.


(There are more comments angry at the newspaper for this news dump, if you’re in the mood.)

The question remains, of course: Why? Toilet problems at home? Angry at his district’s high school, Brearley, losing to Holmdel last football season? Please leave your theories in the comments.