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Nadal Gonna Try Best For Try The Victory, Gonna Try That

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Now, this morning's Wimbledon final is gearing up to be something really special. Federer and Nadal are fun to watch anytime they play and on such a grand stage it's a great way to get a Sunday morning started. So, this pull quote isn't meant to slam Nadal, per se, but more the reporter on this story— who, granted, seems to have quoted everything verbatim from him —for under utilizing the whole paraphrase/bracket technique used to not make people look stupid.

"I want to win, for sure," Nadal said. "But not for that reason because I gonna win, because is his best surface. He is the best in this surface, for sure, no doubt. He is the favorite by far."

Still, the relentless Nadal says he will give Federer everything he has, which has worked well for him up to now - much to the chagrin of the world's top player.

"I gonna try my best always, no? I gonna try my best," Nadal said. "I gonna need play my best match in my life for try the victory, so I gonna try that."


Seriously, were his quotes run through a Babel Fish dictaphone? 4-year-old autistic kids doing a Yoda impersonation come off more articulate than that.

Anyway, here's a nice little rundown of some Wimbledon pregame stuff to enjoy with your morning coffee, paper, and wood. Go Nadal.
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