Nails Is No Match For The Japanese Carl Monday

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Yep, that's Lenny Dykstra, caught on Japanese television in a Los Angeles pawn shop. Deadspin translation services are on the case, after the jump.

The Japanese can invent a transforming giant robot that spits out used panties, but they can't invent embeddable video? Check it out here — Dykstra makes his triumphant appearance at the 3:00 mark.

Here's a rough translation from my only Japanese-speaking friends who are up at this hour:

former big leaguer lenny dykstra just happened to come into the store after he retired from baseball, he was a venture capitalist, but due to the economy he went into chapter 11 bankruptcy in july

'i only come here to pawn my things'
'this is the watch from being the most valuable player of the week'

unbelievably, some of the commemorative awards from world series were seen in the display case

pawn shop owner: 'i can't put a price on this champion ring. It would cost 150000 yen to make this ring, but since it's lenny's it would fetch several 10,000,000s of yen. when is this from?'

'1986 world series'

'1986 world series. against boston, right?'


dystkra: 'i come here because there is someone i trust here. he worries about me. so i have him taking care of my life medals/awards.'


So, yeah, all that hoopla about Nails auctioning off his stuff? Guess no one wanted it, since it's at a pawn shop now.

セレブが質屋に 危機が富裕層直撃 [TV Tokyo]