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Name That Mascot Dong, Pt. 2 (UPDATE: Lighthouse Penis Speaks, Gets Kicked In The Groin)

This weekend we brought you the phallic-shaped cannon now representing the Columbus Blue Jackets. UMass-Boston might one-up them with "Beacon," who's clearly a bipedal penis.


Beacon's not new, but when you're Division III, it takes a while to get noticed. Reader Jeremy noticed, wondering if UMass-Boston's mascot is an "angry North Carolina-supporting cock." He's ostensibly a lighthouse, but...c'mon.


That's me in the UMass Beacon suit (attached a photo of me getting kicked in my mini-lighthouse to prove it from my facebook album, if it matters). My buddy Jeremy sent it in...he always said that UMass' mascot looked like a "fighting penis."

Despite the fact that it is phallic and clearly an enraged dong/lighthouse, the university's athletic department named him/it/the mascot "Bobbi the Beacon" so that it would not be gender-specific. How is a cock-shaped lighthouse NOT gender-specific?

Just wanted to say it's an honor to be on Deadspin..even if I'm featured inside of a sweaty, smelly, styrofoamish penis.


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