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Nick Diaz On 2013 Loss To Georges St-Pierre: "Somebody Frickin' Drugged Me!"

American icon Nick Diaz is back, as an 18-month suspension the Nevada State Athletic Commission laid on him for possibly having smoked weed before a fight with Anderson Silva ended today. Is he still Nick Diaz, the guy who once mugged Mayhem Miller on broadcast TV as an appalled Gus Johnson shouted? Well, here’s what he had to say to ESPN’s Brett Okamoto about the top of the UFC welterweight and middleweight divisions:

Taking a step back and seeing and having a look at these guys who have done things in, amazing things in their careers but still they haven’t, you know they haven’t, they have’t done the things that I, they haven’t fought the best guys like I’ve fought, I’ve beat guys that have beat these guys that have beat the guys that these guys have beat.

And here’s what he had to say about Georges St-Pierre, who waxed him three years ago in a title fight Diaz earned by losing to Carlos Condit:

When I fought Georges St-Pierre in Canada, first of all, somebody frickin’ drugged me, okay.


It appears that he’s still Nick Diaz.


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