Just in time for the Super Bowl, the National Congress of American Indians has released a simple, yet powerful, commercial directed right at Dan "you can use caps" Snyder. For nearly two minutes we see video and images of American Indians living their everyday lives while the narrator lists the various names they use to refer to themselves. Teacher, doctor, Seminole and Sitting Bull among them. There is one name they do not use and although it is not verbalized, the Washington helmet is a pretty solid clue.

"This week's celebration of football is exactly why we need to keep talking about the D.C. mascot," the organization said in an email toICTMN. "Cheering for a football team should never include the casual use of a racial slur. It is important for all teams and all of their fans that the name of the D.C. team is changed."

The YouTube information urges viewers to contact the team, the NFL, Roger Goodell and the Washington Post to demand change.