Nationals Fans Are Not Paying Attention

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Just this season, we've seen a Nats fan doing his calculus homework at the game, a Nats fan doing his taxes at the game, a Nats fan knitting a scarf at the game. Now, three more examples, all from a single day, of Washington fans reading at the ballpark.

OK, this isn't confined to Nationals Park—there was the Phillies fan immersed in three separate Apple products. But what is it about Washington that brings out the distraction? The above photo was posted to Instagram during Sunday's doubleheader, of a lady reading something on her Kindle. And D.C. Sports Bog has a pair of pictures, also from Sunday, of two men absorbed in their newspapers.


This does not make them bad fans; baseball games are long and there are breaks in the action and the first guy below, at least, appears to be reading the sports agate. But between this trend and Will Leitch's master trolling, Nats fans are getting a reputation. So put the reading material away.