Nationals Minor-Leaguer Allegedly Corrupts Youth in the Back of His Car

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This charming young fellow is 25-year-old Garrett Guzman. He enjoys long fly balls out of the park, walking to first base, piña coladas, and a per diem over $25. (Or so we assume. He is, after all, a minor-leaguer in the Washington Nationals system, playing in Harrisburg, PA.) We have also received word that Mr. Guzman may have an affection for teenage girls. He has been accused by authorities of having relations of a sexual and incredibly illegal nature with a 15-year-old girl twice between July 15th and August 1st, both times in his car after picking her up. However, he has only been charged with misdemeanor corruption of minors, so he should be back on the field of play shortly. After all, his s... what's that? He's not very good? Demoted from AAA to AA? Well, screw him. Does anyone have Paul Lo Duca's number? No one with the Nationals organization has any comment because it's the weekend and they had plans in the Hamptons and they're hoping the hurricane or some other sports story or an alien invasion saves them from having to make public comment Monday. He didn't use steroids, right? (Note to WHP-TV, who reported the story Friday night: It sounds very odd to refer to Elizabethtown, the town where the acts allegedly occurred, as "E-town". Maybe save that one for a county fair story?) Police: Nationals minor leaguer had sex with teen [Atlanta Journal-Constitution] Senators player facing sex with minor charges [WHP-TV]