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Naturally Gifted Striker Sets Up Amazing Goal

Thanks to some poor camera work, the video above doesn’t totally encapsulate the flat-out non-human feat of athleticism that created Thamesmead Town’s crazy-looking goal in the F.A. Cup.

The video does show Thamesmead’s Scott Kinch boot a terrible first-time shot practically straight into the air, a shot so high and hard that the cameraman pans way out beyond the far end of the pitch tracing what he reasonably assumed would’ve been the errant ball’s trajectory. As the cameraman swings back to the action, we see that Kinch’s blast has somehow managed to stay inside the field of play. The camera’s lens returns to the play right as the ball smacks off the crossbar, bounds off the ground and into the air, and Jack Mahoney leaps up with a raised foot and prods it into the net.


Key to the whole play was the invisible hand (well, presumably not the actual hand) of Isthmian League vet Wendy Day. Apparently and appropriately nicknamed “The Wind” by the bewildered but jubilant commentator, Wendy swooped in and through some sort of extraphysical sorcery managed to wrangle in Kinch’s skyward shot and redirect it back down for Mahoney to tap in. It had to have been a truly magnificent bit of skill that we would’ve loved to witness in its entirety if not for the wandering vision of the cameraman.

But we see you, Wendy. You did great.

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