NBA and Nike Employees Go on Solidarity Strike

Workers at Nike and the NBA, inspired by the NBA players, went on strike to demand justice.
Workers at Nike and the NBA, inspired by the NBA players, went on strike to demand justice.
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Roughly 100 NBA employees watched the Milwaukee Bucks earlier this week take a stand against the brutalization of Black bodies by the police. Now they are following in those footsteps carrying the baton of racial justice a little closer to the finish line themselves.


On Friday, New York-based NBA office employees went on strike. They say the day will be used as a time of action to call elected officials and demand reforms.

NBA employees sent a letter to Commissioner and Deputy commissioner, Adam Silver and Mark Tatum stating: “We believe the NBA, its leadership, and the Board of Governors unequivocally have the leverage to do more to directly address and combat police brutality and systemic racism in this country …

“As members of the NBA family, we stand with our players, our fans, and communities … We will be spending the day calling our elected officials encouraging them to action, participating in demonstrations, and continuing to identify ways the NBA could do more on this matter — and we encourage you to join us.”

Black employees at Nike also went on strike Thursday through the remainder of the week, even setting up an out-of-office email alert explaining their absence.

“While I am out of office I will be using my time to combat social injustices,” the instant response message reads. Employees list off dozens of Black victims of police brutality and the date their life snatched from them.


Shortly after the life was sucked out of George Floyd by the police, there was a since-deactivated Instagram handle @blackatnike, which posted anonymous stories from current and former employees detailing racism and microaggressions experienced under the athletic apparel giant.

The account allegedly was started by younger employees of the brand, and no ties have been made from it to the individuals who went on strike Thursday.