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NBA Closer: James Posey Puts the Clamps on LeBron

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Good thing Boston didn't keep that Posey guy; he's useless: The Hornets' big free-agent acquisition from this past summer shut down LeBron James at crunch time, and hit an enormous three to seal the victory for New Orleans. Posey's teammate, Chris Paul, had a typically brilliant game - 24 points, 15 assists - to help the Hornets maintain an unblemished record. • Melo Got a Haircut: Carmelo's new 'do didn't help his game much, as he shot atrociously in his season debut. The Lakers continued their domination of the Nuggets, with Kobe leading the way by scoring 33 - including all the big buckets down the stretch, as he is wont to do. • Hurry Back, Old Man: Portland could sure have used Greg Oden's size under the basket against Phoenix last night. Amare Stoudemire (23 and 13) and Shaquille O'Neal (16 and 8) toyed with the big men that the Blazers trotted out, and used a decisive third quarter to snuff the life out of Portland. • Pacers Play Dragon-Slayers: The Celtics suffered their first loss of the young season, and it came courtesy of the young Pacers. Indy gave the home folks a reason to smile, as they romped the defending champs. Danny Granger, who signed a long-term extension with the team on Friday night, showed the team that he's willing to work extra-hard for the money. “It was a hell of a hustle play,” coach Jim O’Brien said. “He pressured up on Pierce, got a deflection, dove face first. I went out to say, ‘great job,’ he smiled at me and he didn’t have any teeth.” • Joe Johnson for Mayor: Johnson sunk the Sixers with a ridiculously long three late in the fourth quarter, giving the Hawks their second win of the year. The bomb capped a 23-point comeback for the Hawks, who at 2-0, are enjoying their best start in a decade.

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