Views of the Spurs' title from around the Internets ...

Pounding The Rock: "The Spurs had an easier road through the playoffs this year compared to previous championship seasons. They were blessed with few injuries and had the good fortune of watching their biggest obstacle getting bounced in the first round. Despite all this I agree with Tim: "This one's sweeter," Duncan said. As a fan my reason is simple: I LOVE this team. I don't care if the fans of every other team hate them. I don't care if they are labeled as dirty, ugly, boring, thugs or floppers. I don't care if they fail to fit some arbitrary definition of a dynasty. The media, the fans, the rest of the NBA players and coaches can all piss the hell off. Because I love this team, we love this team, and we're the champs. Four for four!"

100 Percent Injury Rate: "Spurs win, but Stern ruined the whole playoffs by suspending Amare and Diaw in Round Two, essentially handing the championship to the Spurs. Would the Spurs still have won? Maybe, maybe not. Problem is we'll never know."

Winning The Turnover Battle. "Repeating is what separates the men from the boys when it comes to dynasty and greatest of all time talk. The Spurs being called a dynasty without ever repeating is like someone running for President without ever holding public office. The two just go hand in hand. That is why the phrase dynastic succession exists. A dynasty, by definition, implies succession, and the Spurs have never accomplished that. Case closed."

Basketbawful: "There's so little to enjoy on the court, we're now star-gazing. Franco Harris is in the crowd. Last game, we had Payton Manning, now it's Tom Brady and Terrell Owens. Hey, now that this Finals series is as good as over, how 'bout dem Patriots? Can't wait to hear this call on the hook-and-ladder play...Brady passes to Stallworth, who laterals to Moss!...I think I just peed myself a little with anticipatory joy...."


True Hoop: "The NBA Finals experience was hardly cruel to the City of Cleveland. These fans were not broken. There were plenty of smiles, even if they were a tad weary. Body language was positive. It was an "aw shucks" moment, not a Prozac moment."

By the way, Henry Abbott was live-blogging the game from press row. Throw him out of there!