Image via League Pass

Phoenix Suns rookie Josh Jackson fouled out of Saturday’s blowout loss to the Clippers with six minutes left, and as he headed to the bench, he appeared to mime shooting a gun at a Clippers fan, before sitting down and mouthing “Fuck you.”

Jackson said the fan had been heckling him throughout the game, and also that when he was making a gun gesture with his hand he wasn’t making a gun gesture with his hand, but rather deciding at the last second not to flip the bird:

“That’s what most people thought I was going but I actually wasn’t making a gun,” Jackson said, adding he has seen the video. “I kind of wanted to put up the middle finger to him but I didn’t do that because I felt like I was really being watched so I kind of halfway did it.”

Regardless, the NBA saw the gesture as significantly “menacing” enough to warrant a $35,000 fine, as the league announced today via another inexplicably blurry release: