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NBA: Game 6 Clock Error Cost Celtics One Second On Final Possession

Photo Credit: Rob Carr/Getty

The NBA has acknowledged a clock error in the closing seconds of Friday’s playoff game that would have given the Celtics an extra second on their final possession.

In the last two-minute report of the game’s officiating, the league notes that the clock ran down a second more than it should have after a foul committed by the Wizards’ Kelly Oubre, Jr., robbing Boston of one more second to fight back after John Wall’s go-ahead three-pointer a moment earlier.  


The final two seconds of the report in full:

As noted by the report, instant replay is not permitted in situations of clock errors like this. Here’s some video of those final seconds:

As always, of course, acknowledging the error in the last two-minute report does nothing in the way of retribution or changing the outcome.

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