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NBA Playoffs + Unrelated Movie = Genius

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At best it's a blunt instrument to pound LAND OF THE LOST into every NBA fan's head. At worst it's a weird attempt at subliminal persuasion. But we can all agree that those NBA Playoffs/summer movie crosspromotions are unbelievably annoying.


I'm not saying that they're not effective (they do get the word out) but do they have to do every movie? During the playoffs this year I counted Star Trek, Land of the Lost, Transformers 2 and Year One-with the basketball/movie connection getting progressively more idiotic. Also, am I making this up, or did they once do "The Chronicles of Riddick?

Hence the wish list. If there's anyone out there with iMovie and free-time, I'd really like to see a nonsensical NBA Playoff mashup with any of the following films:

Au Revoir Les Enfants
Remains of the Day
Blue Velvet
Synechdoche, New York
Kangaroo Jack
The Triplets of Belleville
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Deep Throat
Lawrence of Arabia

We could do this all day.