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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

NBA Ref Joey Crawford Made A Terrible Foul Call, Celebrated It With A Ridiculous Dance

Our friends over at With Leather once called referee Joey Crawford "the worst thing about the NBA." It's hard to argue with them after seeing his latest stunt. After a night of showboating in the Pacers-Lakers game tonight, he capped off his performance with a questionable blocking call—one that probably cost L.A. the game—and then danced his way across the court to show how enthusiastic he was in making it. Reminder, Joey: nobody comes to the game to watch you. [TWSN]

This is a Deadspin Video, in which strange sports moments are slowed down to ridiculous speeds and matched with indie music. This video features "You Dance Bad" by Palomar. See previous episodes here.

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