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NBA Roundup: Canadians Are Mean To Vince Carter

Notes on Thursday's games in the National Basketball Association ...

You know what? He DOES suck. Things that are bad for the New Jersey Nets: Hassan Adams is their leading scorer, Vince Carter scores 12 points, and the Chris Bosh-less Raptors beat them by double digits. The Toronto fans were all over Carter last night, even breaking out the "CARTER SUCKS" chant at the end of the contest. I think Skeets started it. But hey, the good news for the Nets is that they're still tied for the lead in the Atlantic division.


It would be nice if they could ever duplicate this. Paul Pierce had 38 points, 9 assists and 8 rebounds... numbers that, although superhuman, you've got a right to expect from Paul Pierce. Al Jefferson with 28 points and 10 boards, and Tony Allen with 30 and 8, however... well, those are the sorts of things that can enable Boston to beat a team like Denver, even on a night when Carmelo Anthony scores 42 and puts his name atop the league's list of leading scorers.

And it drags on and on. Someone should tell the Sixers that if they'd get off their ass and trade Iverson already, they wouldn't have to start Kevin Ollie. The 93-79 loss to the Mavericks makes 10 straight for the Sixers, and their tragic figure of a head coach, Maurice Cheeks. I think Cheeks would feel very confused if he ever had anything to be happy about.

Sorry Yao. The Rockets led by 18 at halftime, but 53 points from Kobe pushed the Lakers to a 112-101 double overtime win. Yao Ming had 38 and 18, making him the first player to have back-to-back 35/15 games since Antoinio McDyess had knees back in 2000.