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NBA Roundup: I Read The NOOCH Today, Oh Boy

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Notes from Thursday's games in the National Basketball Association:

1. The Dance, She Is Over. Well, at least we won the bet (who would lose first: the Saints or the Hornets?). Golden State 121, NOOCH 116. And just like that, the last of the NBA's unbeaten teams bites the dust. It was a pretty great shootout between Baron Davis and Chris Paul, though, as they scored 36 and 34 points respectively.


2. Dear Barbosa: You Are A Sun, You Cannot Read. This Cannot Be Read TO You ... The Dallas Mavericks claimed their first win since June, 119-112 over the Phoenix Suns, as Dirk Nowitzki scored 35 points. AP called it "a rollicking rematch of last season's Western Conference finals," whereas we just called it "Thursday." Leandro Barbosa tied a career high with 30 points for the Suns.

3. James Gang Strikes Back. LeBron James decided to stick around for the end of this one, and what he saw was his Cavaliers beating the Bulls, 113-94. James, accused of quitting on the Cavaliers by walking off the court too early in his previous game, scored 19 points and had a season-high 12 assists. Drew Gooden added 20 points in three quarters.

4. Woke Up This Morning, Got Myself A Gun. This month's Quote of Greatness comes from former Nets president Jon Spoelstra, who said in an AP story on Thursday that the Nets teams from 1993-95 weren't exactly solid citizens. "One year we had six guys in jail," he said. "Not together, because that would have meant teamwork."

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