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Lawrence Frank: American ass-kicker. Nets head coach Lawrence Frank? That guy is the cause of every single one of the league's image problems. His mercurial temper and tendency towards violence got the better of him again last night after he complained about a no-call on Rasheed Wallace on a last-second Vince Carter shot that could've, but didn't, give the Nets the win. Ironically, three Pistons had been T'd up earlier in the game for arguing calls. Still, anything that causes Lawrence Frank to have to be restrained from kicking some ass in the traditional Lawrence Frank matter... well, I'm all for it. Pistons win, 92-91.

The plight of the Grizzly. The Wizards opened up a slight lead of 45-18 at the end of the first quarter, and surprisingly, the 6-23 Memphis Grizzlies weren't able to find the offensive firepower to come back. That's also the fifth consecutive game where the Grizz have given up over 100 points, if you're sitting at home. Agent Zero had 31 points in the win, despite sitting out the fourth quarter.

Chris Paul's ouchie. Tyson Chandler carried Chris Paul off the floor last night after Paul rolled his ankle in Seattle's Key Arena last night. It's a sprain, and Paul will be out for at least one game, but no one knows yet how many more. Dirk Nowitzki sprained his ankle on the same floor last week. Seattle needs some new groundskeepers. Dangerous up there.

Najera for MVP. Allen Iverson had double-digit assists for the second time in two games with the Denver Nuggets as they rolled to a 116-105 win over Boston. The Celtics, of course, did not trade for Iverson, and that's just one of the many reasons they aren't very good. Eduardo Najera had 16 points and 11 rebounds in the game and probably would be a six-time all-star if he had played his entire career with Iverson.