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Victor Oladipo burned LeBron James one-on-one in what ended up being the Pacers’ last possession of Game 5, then went up for a scoop layup. James, in the mood to add some fresh tape to his career reel, recovered to pin the ball against the glass—but only after the ball had made contact with the glass, which was clear in slow-motion replay. That means (truthers rejoice) that the block was technically goaltending. Because there was no whistle on the play, it could not be reviewed by officials at the time. In its newly released last two minute report on the game, the NBA has confirmed that the play was called incorrectly.

“I got a step on him. Felt like I even got grabbed on the way to the rim ... I tried to shoot a layup, it hit the backboard, then he blocked it ... It was a goaltend. It’s hard to even speak on it. It just sucks, honestly. It really sucks,” Oladipo told reporters after the game.


“I definitely thought it was a goaltend [laughing] ... Of course I didn’t think it was a goaltend. I try to make plays like that all the time, and I mean he made a heck of a move, got me leaning right and he went left and I just tried to use my recovery speed and get back up there and make a play on the ball. And I was able to make a play,” James told reporters after the game.

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